Water damage is one of the worst things that you can encounter in your home. Water damage can come in numerous different forms, each one being more destructive than the last one. One of the biggest reasons why water damage is so awful is because when it sets in it can bring with a lot of black mold. Black mold is a serious threat to anybody who lives in a house that contains it. If you find black mold in your home then you and your loved ones could be in serious danger without even realizing it. Here is what black mold can do to your home and why you need to get rid of it pronto.

What Black Mold Does to a Home

When black mold attaches itself to your home several things begin to happen. First of all, it will begin to discolor any surface that it attaches itself to. If you are looking at mold in its early, less dangerous stages then this can be really annoying to have to deal with. However, when mold begins to grow and become more dangerous you might quickly find that the mold is starting to eat away at the material that it has attached itself to. This is because mold is a highly corrosive substance. If it grows too much then it will start to eat at the wooden foundation of your home. This is a very dangerous and expensive problem because it makes your home’s construction no longer safe. When you find mold in your home you should really consider calling in someone from DC-911.

What It Does to a Home’s Occupants

When mold takes root in your home it is highly dangerous for the people who live there. Mold is a highly toxic substance that spreads itself through a home by emitting microscopic spores. These spores latch on to any surface that is hot and wet. Needless to say this perfectly describes your lungs. When you inhale these spores they set up shop in your body and can make you extremely sick. Year after year there are cases of people dying due to mold exposure.

What To Do About It

If you encounter mold in your home then you need to not waste any time. Mold can spread quickly, quietly, and largely undetected so when you first see it preventative measures are already too late. If you want to make sure that you have provided a safe and sanitary home for yourself and loved ones then you need to call in experts from Damage Control 911. They will arrive and assess your home and ensure that it is taken care of quickly and with an expert’s touch. They will leave no mold around to further endanger you or your loved ones.